Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If It's Marked with an "X," You Know You've Made the Wrong Choice

A couple of evenings ago, we had a Savor South staff meeting of sorts. It was held, informally, at Carter Brothers in High Point, N.C.--the place Jason, Michelle and I first came up with the idea that would eventually be this blog. (We'll have to share that story with you someday soon.)

Along with our tasty suppers, we each ordered iced tea. Sweet iced tea for Jason and me, and ... get this ... unsweetened iced tea for Michelle! Of course, this is what Michelle always orders, and Jason and I always like to kid her about it--especially since she's a Southerner!

To differentiate Michelle's ungodly brew from ours, the waitress drew an "X" on Michelle's styrofoam cup. We joked that it was a sure sign of a bad choice.

Anyway, Michelle gave us the full story behind her tea preference. Apparently she loved sweet tea just as much as the rest of us, but felt it was too much sugar to consume all the time. That's a point of view I can agree with. But, Michelle, you gave it up forever?  That's some steely reserve right there.

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