Friday, February 17, 2012

Still Rolling On ...

A couple of weeks ago, while unpacking some boxes, I came across a rolling pin. Not just any rolling pin, mind you. My great-grandmother’s rolling pin.

While I don’t know its complete provenance, I do know that my great-grandfather was very handy with woodwork (I have a washstand and a bookcase that he made) and feel pretty safe in saying he made it. There’s even a convenient groove on one side where a string can be tied to it for hanging.

I cleaned it up a little and applied some mineral oil to moisturize the wood. Although made of sturdy oak, it’s showing some wear and tear … including a square indentation where someone apparently tried to use it as a hammer.

I have a serious weakness when it comes to kitchen gadgets. I also love kitchen implements with history (like vintage cast iron), and this rolling pin combines both. Whether I’ll ever use it, I don’t know … doughs and pastries aren’t really my thing. But maybe with some guidance from Minnie Caroline (my great-grandmother), I’ll try that scraped sweet potato pie my dad remembers her making when he was growing up.

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